Tuatara Pilsener 330ml
A hoppy Checzh style pilsner. 5%. Serve at 7C.

Tuatara Pale Ale 330ml
A classic English malty IPA. 5%. Best served warmer than most at 12C.


Tuatara Helles Sweet Ale 330ml
A German style lager. Good with pizza. 5%. Serve at 7C.

Tuatara Ardennes Sweet Ale 330ml
A classic Belgian Golden Ale. 6.5%. 12-15C.

Tuatara Porter 330ml
Dark with crystal, chocolate, and roast malts to provide lots of body. 5%. Serve at 10C.

 Mikes Premium Organic Pilsener 330ml
Crisp bitter flavour with full rounded malt body with dry finish. 5% ABV

Mikes Premium Organic Lager 330ml
Full malt flavour, moderate bitterness finishing with sweetness. 4.8% ABV

 Mikes Premium Organic Strawberry Blonde 330ml
Tangerine colour. Clean, fresh strawberry flavour without the sweetness. 4% ABV

Mikes Premium Organic Ale 330ml
Deep dark brown.Smooth with gentle bitterness and gentle carbonation. 4% ABV

Amstel Light 330ml
At 95 calories per bottle it delivers a full flavor as tasty as regular beer. 3.5% ABV